Air Source Heat Pump Specialist

Heat pumps are integral to an air conditioning system, transferring heat from one environment to another via a refrigerant.  Heat pumps also offer a cost-effective heating solution - and air source heat pumps are recognised as a renewable heat technology.

A fridge uses a refrigerant to extract heat from the inside of your fridge, which it then expels to keep the contents of the fridge cool
By using the same process, heat pumps take heat from an ambient heat source or waste energy to heat your water and transfers it into your building. This supplies all of the energy required for a home’s heating and hot water system
Ambient heat can be obtained from air, ground or water

Heat pumps are around 300% efficient. This means that for every unit of energy used by the heat pump in operation, three or more units of heat are generated for use in a building.  
As heat pumps work by extracting available heat from the outside air, they are far more efficient than even the most efficient fossil-fuel based heating systems.

Heat pumps featuring inverter technology are particularly efficient for all kinds of indoor heating.
Using an integrated heat pump solution to both cool and heat a building can also mean a lower initial investment, as well as simpler operation and maintenance procedures.


Air-to-air systems take heat from the outside air and feed it into your home through fans. This type of system cannot produce hot water.

Air-to-water systems take heat from the outside air and feed it via heat exchangers into your wet central heating system. As the heat produced is cooler than that from a conventional boiler, these type of systems work best on new installations where the correct end heat exchanger (hot water cylinder/radiator/under floor heating) can be sized correctly for individual site requirements.

Heat pump have applied the latest technology to create a wide range of domestic heating solutions. High temperature and low temperature options are available to suit all kinds of properties - new and old, large and small. and now with modern environmentally acceptable refrigerants offer a unique new heat pump solution for all heating and hot water demands.

Benefits of heat pumps
•    Can provide ALL of your heating and hot water requirements.
•    Low running costs. Saves up to 85% of energy costs against conventional heating systems.
•    Heat pumps produce no local CO2 emissions.
•    For every 1 unit of electricity used an average of 3 units of heat is produced depending on which product you choose. (COP)
•    The Average energy efficiency over a period of 1 year is 400% compared to boilers that are typically between 70 - 95%.
•    You will no longer require a gas or oil boiler (fosile fuels)
•    Compliments underfloor heating.
•    Can be used to heat all domestic and industrial applications regardless of size and demand.
•    Heat pumps maintain there efficiency.