Air Conditioning

You can trust us one stop plumbing and heating to supply an Air conditioning system to suit your individual requirements.

Split System Air Conditioning
A split system provides both heating and cooling so it can be used all year round.

Choce of both single and multi-split systems, depending on the environment you wish to control with air conditioning. Split air conditioning systems have a condenser outside the room (on the ground or on the wall) as well as at least one unit inside the building. Split systems can be either single or multi units (with some multiple models there may be just one compressor outside the building).
The Best Advice Available and the Best Split System for Your Money
Receive the right advice so that you make the right decision about the unit or units, which will give you the best return on investment.

Select from a wide range of split systems, which we, as an independent company, offer. These include split systems that are wall mounted, floor standing and ceiling fitted. This means you can choose the best option for your premises. As an independent air conditioning specialist, we are not restricted by arrangements with just one manufacturer. We pride ourselves with providing our customers with the best advice available, so you find the best split system for your money.
A Quality Split System That Provides Real Benefits
High performance and low noise and vibration levels are just some of the benefits from the installation of one of our split systems. The air conditioning units we supply have R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant as well as triple action filters that clean, deodorise and sanitise the air. The units are easy to control and more attractive than many units, with little ugly ducting and wiring on show.

Cost effective solutions are available through the precise nature and high level of control that is provided by a split system. You are able to control the temperature of the air, whether this is heating or cooling, by using a thermostat or an infra-red remote control. These units are quiet but simple to operate and provide the total “climate control” desired for premises all year round.

Have different temperatures in different rooms or areas of buildings, such as one area of a building or one room in a residential home by using a split system. These units offer you the perfect practical solution for air conditioning in larger buildings such as offices of various sizes, hotels, educational buildings, data centres, hospitals, other medical facilities, retail stores and supermarkets.
Skilled Air Conditioning Engineers to Assist You

You will receive the best value for money from one of the split systems we install thanks to the knowledge and experience that our engineers provide, backed up with our service team.

Book a free, no-obligation site survey and discuss your requirements with our air conditioning engineers, who will use their practical expertise to find you the most cost-effective solution and provide you with a full professional service.